Rig Vac Systems

50 Horse Power Rig Vac

50-Horsepower Rig Vac

Aerion’s AMV 1500™ has revolutionized the rig vac industry with its time-saving, fully automated suck and blow technology.

Specially designed for oil and gas operations, the AMV 1500™ will achieve maximum suction for any application with little downtime for emptying tanks.

    50hp Rig Vac Features:

  • Automatic and manual modes
  • 14-Barrel Tank Capacity
  • 480 volts
  • 1500 CFM air flow
  • Direct drive technology
    50hp Rig Vac Features:

  • No belts to change
  • Leaves small footprint
  • Offshore ready
  • Remote operation
  • 24-hour service
  • Expert staff to handle any questions
30 Horse Power Rig Vac

30-Horsepower 2-skid Rig Vac

Aerion’s 30hp rig vac is the ideal rig vac for smaller applications. It offers the same quality and reliable performance as Aerion’s 50hp rig vac, but is lighter weight and easier to move. It also leaves a smaller footprint and pulls fewer amps than the 50hp unit.

30 hp single skid

30-Horsepower Single-Skid Rig Vac

The single-skid unit design of this rig vac gives you the smallest footprint of all our mud vacs. With a tank size of 24 barrels, this unit provides less downtime waiting for fluid discharges.

Winterized Rig Vacs

Winterized Rig Vacs

For colder climates, Aerion offers 30hp winterized mud vacs. This fully enclosed single-skid unit features everything that our other 30hp vacs offer but with fully winterized panels to keep your liquids flowing in the harshest of environments. Each unit is designed with a cam lock to pipe in rig steam for added heat, and the panels are fully removable to ensure proper summertime use.

Winterized Rig Vacs

Winterized Rig/Pressure Washer Container

For the harshest climates, Aerion offers the 30hp winterized mud vac and pressure washer system. This fully enclosed container features dual double-door entry for easy maintenance and skid-mounted equipment for easy replacement. Each container is fitted with an industrial-grade heater to prevent your liquids from freezing in temperatures down to 30° below freezing.